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Liechtenstein is a landlocked microstate located in the Central Europe region bordered by Switzerland in the south and west and Austria to the north and east. And in this small patch of heaven, football is the top sport. Most of the football teams in the country tend to play in leagues hosted by Switzerland. Their national team is not considered a strong competitor with most of the national teams in the region with some of their best outings ending at draws.

Other popular sports in this alpine country are winter sports like downhill skiing and the country has produced world class athletes in the sport like Hanni Wenzel who took two gold and one silver medal in the 1980 Winter Olympics in addition to the bronze she took in 1976 Games. Her brother, Andreas Wenzel also took a silver medal in 1980 Winter Games and a bronze medal 4 years later.

Liechtenstein, with an area of just a shade over 160 square kilometers, is considered the smallest nation to win an Olympic medal, either Winter or Summer. Other world-renowned athletes from Liechtenstein includes skiers Marco B├╝chel, Willi Frommelt, Tina Weirather, Ursula Konzett, and Paul Frommelt. Other sports that are quite popular in Liechtenstein includes tennis, swimming and mountain biking.

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