World Best Chin Ups / Pull Ups Scores

The chin up or pull up is a common fitness test for upper body strength. The usual fitness test procedure requires the participant to do the maximum number in an unlimited time. For record attempts, the criteria is often the most number of chin ups in a certain time period (1 minute, 1 hour etc.). Read a description of a pull up fitness test.

The hand grip technique can differ. With the palms facing towards the body is often considered a chin up, the palms facing away from the body a pull up. For these record lists, the results from attempts with either grip is considered.

Most in a minute

Here are the latest holders of the world record for the maximum number of chin ups or pull ups in one minute:

no. date name nationality where performed
51 20 June 2009 Jason Petzold USA Millington, Michigan
46 27 Oct 2007 Matt Bogdanowicz USA Fitness Together in Livermore, California (USA). See video
44 10 Feb 2007 Robert Natoli USA Oswego, New York (USA)
42 7 March 2006 Stephen Hyland Great Britain Stoneleigh, Surrey
40 4 Feb 2006 Robert Natoli USA Oswego, New York, USA
37 24 Aug 1996 Jean-François Huette France Festival des Records, Le Tour Blanche


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