World Record Beep Test Most Participants

The beep or bleep test (or more correctly known as the Multistage Shuttle Run Test or MSFT), is a test of endurance fitness that is a common test used by many team sports and school groups, and involves continuous running between two markers 20 meters apart. We have discussed world best performances in the beep test, though in this article we list some of the world record attempts for the most number of participants in a beep test at one time.

Greatest Number of Beep Test Participants at One Venue

The first known attempt of the Guinness World Record for the most number of beep test participants was in 2008 in Ballarat, Australia. Their result of 412 was not officially verified. In 2010 a Canadian school is believed to have set the official World Record benchmark with 324 participants.

If anyone wants to attempt a Guinness World Record, there are certain guidelines to adhere to. You should make sure the event is videotaped, and all participant's performance clearly logged and verified by independent witnesses (check with the Guinness World Records people for more specific instructions).

Record Attempt Timeline (most recent first)

The known confirmed Guinness World Records are in bold.

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