Slim Guide Skinfold Fat Caliper

the slimguide caliper is the most widely used body fat caliper around the world

Studies have shown the Slim Guide caliper to be highly reliable, have a similar jaw pressure as the expensive Harpenden Caliper, and produce almost identical readings (Schmidt & Carter 1990, Anderson & Ross, 1986). Consequently, the Slim Guide caliper is very widely used in research and by professionals around the world. The slim guide is an affordable alternative to the Harpenden and other more expensive options, and with comparable results.

Slim Guide Skinfold CaliperSlim Guide Features

Instruction Booklet Included

The Slim Guide body fat caliper comes with a handy 20 page booklet, "How to Measure Your % Body Fat" - an instruction manual for measuring % body fat using skinfold calipers. The book includes all the information you need to do skinfold measurements, including:


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