12 Minute Run iPhone App

The 12 Minute Run (Cooper Test) is the commonly used test of aerobic fitness, in which you run as far as you can in 12 minutes. The test is usually conducted around a measured track so that the distance is easily calculated. Using the features of the phone, these apps remove the need for such a track, as the app can use GPS technology to track the runner and calculate distance covered. Therefore you can run wherever you like and the total distance will still be calculated. Using the values of age and sex your results will be calculated giving you a your rating and predicted VO2max score.

App Features

Cooper Test by Fit and Web

This is a professional looking app to test, record and interpret your cooper 12 minute run test results. You can use it to test yourself, or in the multi-user mode you can test up to five athletes simultaneously.

Cooper Test

In this simple app you can compare your physical fitness with others of your age and gender. Measure a distance during 12 minutes run, then save and compare your test results. You can also compare your results to the norms.

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