Kevin Sykes

Qualifications and affiliations: PhD; MSc; DASE; DPE; CertEd; FBAPT; MIBiol; CBiol.

Dr Sykes devised the Fitech and Chester Step Tests, acts as expert witness, has published widely in scientific, professional, educational & the popular press and is a regular broadcaster and conference speaker worldwide.

Sykes is author of 9 books, including a successful Penguin paperback and the Chester Step Test, now widely used in workplace medico-fitness assessments.

He is Principal Lecturer & Director of the Postgraduate Centre for Exercise & Nutrition Science at Chester College, a College of the University of Liverpool. He is an External Examiner at Edinburgh, Sheffield & Cardiff Universities and adviser to the Home Office’s Fire & Police Service Colleges and to a number of Police Forces, Health & Education Authorities, Corporate Organizations and Fire Brigades throughout Britain, Europe and Asia.

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