Basque Pelota

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A Basque Pelota (pelota in Spanish, pilota in Basque and Catalan, or pelote in French) is known as the fastest sport in the world. It is played in several countries: in Spain and France, especially in the Basque Country and its neighbouring areas. It is also popular in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, PerĂº and Uruguay. The game is also operated as a gaming enterprise called Jai Alai in this part of the world, and it is seen in southern parts of the US.

There are several variations of pelota, including using the hand, a bat and a basket. The basic principle is that there are two teams of two players each. The team to serve bounces the ball, then hits it towards the playing area of the narrow front wall, where it has to rebound between a high and low line on the walls. See these videos of Basque Pelota which shows the exceptional skills and physical demands required for this sport.

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