Anthropometry and Shooting

While skill is undoubtedly the most important facor in the success of a shooter, fitness and body size and shape can also be important. Body shape can affect balance and excess body fat increases fatigue, and having certain segment lengths may aid in the mechanics of shooting.

Suggested Anthropometric tests for Shooter

Anthropometry and Olympic Archery

Here is some information from the analysis of the anthropometric data (height, weight and age) from the shooting participants at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Shooters were shorter than the average Olympian, but of similar average weight.

Sport Age Height (cm) Weight (kg) BMI
OVERALL AVERAGE (all sports) 26.1 176.9 72.8 23.3
Shooting (all) 31.4 172.1 72.9 24.4
Shooting (females) 28.8 164.8 62.6 23.0
Shooting (males) 33.2 177.5 80.5 25.5

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