The new sport of Starplay was created by Mr Stratos from Independence Texas in 2005. Starplay is a cosmic cool open field game consisting of seven circles - one main circle (the circle of play) and 6 smaller circles (throwin circles) 3 on opposing sides.

Equipment Required: Starplay Club, Starplay Ball, marked field of play.


Up to 6 players, with each player using a distinguishable ball makes a over hand throwin from a agreed on distance strategically getting their ball to settle in a desired spot within the cicle of play.

Once all players have thrown in order into the circle of play all players are called to the stagging markers. Each player in rotation is called into the circle of play to attempt to pick up points by striking their ball into the bonus ball or opponents ball with a club.

There's 7 rounds, the winner is determined by who has the most contact points at the end of 7 rounds.

Mr Stratos ("Master of the Circles" ) demonstrating a game of StarplayMr Stratos ("Master of the Circles" ) demonstrating a game of Starplay


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