Weightlifting or Olympic weightlifting is a sport in the modern Olympic games. The competitors or the weightlifters attempt to lift weights mounted on barbells. The barbells used in competitions are loaded with one-kilo increments.

There have been records of weightlifting in the Ancient Egypt, China, and Green. The modern weightlifting was developed in Europe in the 19th century. The organization handling the sport is the International Weightlifting Federation. Men and Women can join weightlifting. There men's division is divided into eight classes: 56 kg, 62kg, 69kg, 77kg, 85 kg, 94kg, 105 kg, and over 105kg. The women's division is divided into seven classes, 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg, and over 75kg.

The competitors compete into two lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. The barbell is lifted from the floor up over the head in snatch. In Clean and jerk, the competitors face two stages. In the first stage, the barbell is picked from the floor, and they pause when it reaches the shoulders. In the 2nd stage, the competitor lifts the barbell way over the head.

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