Pole Dancing

What comes to mind right away when you hear "Pole Dancing" is scantily clothed women dancing around a pole in nightclubs. But the fact that it is a form of performance art, which requires a great deal of flexibility, strength and endurance, and is contested competitively, is practically unknown to most of them.

In competitions, participants perform various type of acrobatic moves like spins, climbs, twists and body inversions. There are both, events where participants contest individually and events where participants compete as a team. All routines performed are judged based on the types of moves and the degree of difficulty. There are however no universally codified rules for judging routines and it varies based on the event organizers.

Pole dancing as a competitive sport is currently practiced in many countries like the United States, the UK and Australia, all of which host national level "Miss Pole Dance" competitions. There are also major international competitions conducted under the banner of "Miss Pole Dance World" and “World Pole Sport & Fitness".

Pole dancing, which has long been regarded mostly as an activity for women, is slowly gaining popularity among men also. Some prestigious competitions like the PoleArt and World Pole Sports Championship have opened up separate events where men compete.

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