Judo is contemporary martial part, which was created in Japan. It was created by Jigoro Kano in 1882. A person who practices judo is called judoka.

As a competitive sport, the objective is to throw or takedown the opposing player to the ground. A judoka can also subdue the opposing player with a pin, or force the opposing player to submit with a joint lock or a choke. The All-japan Judo Championships was established in 1930 and it’s been going on every year since then. Judo is now part of the Olympics, it was first seen in the 1932 games.

Currently there are seven weight divisions for judo as a competitive sport. For men: under 60kg, 60-66kg, 66-73kg, 73-81kg, 81-90kg, 90-100kg, and over 100kg. For women: under 48kg, 48-52kg, 52-57kg, 57-63kg, 63-70kg, 70-78kg, and over 78kg. A participant gains a point, or can wing the game, if he or she can throw the opponent that places his back with impetus and control.

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