Dog Sledding

Dog sledding, which can also be called sled dog/dog sled racing, is a type of dog sport which is played in the winter. This is popular in the USA, Canada, Russia, and some European countries.

This sport involves teams of sled dogs that pull a sled with the driver. The driver stands in the runners. The team who completes the course in the fastest time is crowned the winner. Dog sledding was a demonstration sport at the 1932 Winter Olympics. Dog sledding varies in distances.

The short distances ranges from 4 to 100 miles, the mid-distances ranges from 100 to 300 miles, the long distances ranges from 300 to over 100 0 miles. Some of these distances are done in two or three days. Long-distances races are most of the time continuous or stage races, they go through a different course every day. The races are also categorized by the number of dogs allowed in each team. Some categories include: four-dog, six-dog, eight-dog, ten-dog, and unlimited.

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