Banger racing

Banger racing is a racing event which is done on a dirt track, it is popular in Europe particularly in Belgium, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

The vehicles used in banger racing are usually scrap cars. For every type of vehicle, there are different events. Most of the time, the drivers are split into two categories: the rodders who aim to win races, and the wreckers, those who want to damage cars. The wreckers are usually more popular.

Some trophies, which are awarded, are the Best Wrecker, Best Entertainer, and the Best Car. The best car is usually given to the one who an bring the rarest car. There are often 40 cars that will join the race. In the start of the race, the cars are gridded across the track; it usually has around 12, 15, or 20 laps. Yellow flags are used to warn drivers that caution is required. Cars who stall sometimes do not continue with the race.

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