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Aerials (Skiing)

Aerials is a sport of the freestyle skiing discipline in which athletes perform various on-air tricks. In aerials, athletes ski down a steep slope towards a take-off ramp. The take-off ramp propels the athlete up in the air. While in air they perform various moves like flips and twists. Currently, the top athletes can perform three back flips and four or five twists. The landing area is a slope which is about 34-39 degrees and 30m in length. Skiers usually reach a height of 20m on their jumps.

In aerial skiing, competitors are judged based on their runs, and are awarded a score. The runs a judged based on three factors, which are, jump takeoff, jump form and landing. Jump takeoff accounts for 30% of the scores, jump-form accounts for 50%, and landing accounts for 30%. The total is calculated with a degree of difficulty (DD) also factored in.

Each skier gets to jump twice and their final score is based on the cumulative score on both the jumps. Competitions are conducted in a rounds format, where athletes get eliminated until the final medals round where the winner is decided.

Aerials is one of the major freestyle skiing discipline and is currently a part of the Winter Olympics with medal events for both men and women.

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