Sports Played with Dogs (Dog Sports)

Dog sports are physical activities that involve dogs. These can be competitive or non-competitive. These activities can help keep the dog physically and mentally healthy. As these activities do not always require the skill and physical exertion of the dog handler, they may not be considered sports.

Some the most popular dog sports are agility, disc dog, flyball, and freeball. Agility is a competitive dog sport which involves going through obstacles and courses. In this type, dogs are trained to jump and navigate through tunnels. Disc dog involves a Frisbee. This is competed by a dog and his human partner. The goal is to catch the Frisbee.

Flyball is a relay race for puppies. A team of four dogs can participate. They will go through courses to retrieve the ball and give it back to you.

Freestyle involves choreographed musical performances. Other dog sports are: barn hunt, bikerjoring, cani cross, carting, competition obedience, conformation showing, dock jumping, dog hiking, dog scootering, eathdog trials, field trials, hare coursing, herding, hound trailing, lure coursing, dog mushing, rally obedience, protection sports, and treibball.

Some Dog Sports

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