Women Boxing Men

It is hard to imagine a woman taking up a battle against a man in the ring, though in the matches so far women have ended up on top.

One match, which was billed as the first sanctioned male-female boxing match in U.S. history, was more likely no more than a publicity stunt.

On October 10, 1999, Margaret McGregor defeated Loi Chow in a unanimous decision, 40-36, played out over four rounds. This was not a even battle. Loi Chow, a trainer and a jockey by trade, had a fight history of 0-2 in professional bouts with his last bout three years earlier. McGregor, on the other hand, had an extensive kickboxing and boxing background, with a 3-0 record in professional matches against women.

The fight generated huge controversy but still went on as scheduled. A crowd of less than 3,000 filed into Seattle's Mercer Arena to watch McGregor pummel the pudgy-looking Chow for all four rounds. Boxing commentators and observers regarded the match as a farce, particularly when the more talented Morales dropped out. It will go down as a footnote in modern boxing history.Boxer

Kick Boxing Battle

A kickboxing battle of the sexes version took place just after the above mentioned boxing match on October 21, 1999. Amateur Muay Thai fighter Deborah "Sunshine" Fettkether, with a 4-1-1 record, fought construction worker and first-time fighter Randy Pittman. In the fight, Fettkether easily defeated Pittman 59 seconds into the first round - Pittman had no idea what he was in for.

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