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Was Thorpe drug assisted?

March 30th, 2007 · 5 Comments · Sports Medicine, Swimming

Ian ThorpeAustralian swimmer Ian Thorpe is arguably one of the greatest swimmers the world has ever seen. In November last year he announced his retirement from swimming after 10 years on the Australian team, citing that he has lost the desire. Today the news is that just prior to his announcement he may have tested positive for testosterone, and this has made people think that it may be related. French newspaper L’Equipe has reported that he showed abnormally high readings for testosterone and luteinizing hormone in 2006, and international swimming body FINA has appealed for a fresh investigation into that test. This could be a big reality check for swimming fans who think that the sport is clean. Everyone is human, and even “squeaky clean” Ian Thorpe could possibly succumb to the pressures to perform. We are yet to hear all the details, but hopefully such reports will keep both the drug testers and drug cheats on their toes and continue the cleaning up of drug use in sports.

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  • Paul

    Nice picture of Thorpey there. . .

    Is the number of world records at the recent Melbourne swimming titles due to a) better swimmers b) short pool or c) they have never tested properly for drugs in Australia – hence no Aussies testing positive

  • John

    Ian Thorpe is just another one of those drug users so that he could win medals like many other people which is really sad for him growing up in a great childhood than becoming a drug user 🙁

  • Jo

    What a load of bull.
    A French newspaper reports… oh, and a high level of testosterone is not an indication of anything.

    Thorpe’s retirement was well publicised in Aus. He had extensive meetings with a life coach before he decided to do it.

    The fact that this rubbish has been allowed to tarnish the career of one of the greatest swimmers the world has seen AFTER he has retired is outrageous.

  • Coach Fred

    The drug use by athletes now a days is scary. The athletes such as Thorpe are to blame but not completely. Society as a whole has made winning such a great importance that the athletes will do almost anything to reach their goals. Our society needs to step back and think about what we are creating. I deal mainly with Jr. High and High School athletes in the US and we try very hard as coaches to make them understand sportsmanship and the use of hard work to reach goals. But they are constantly being bombarded from the outside world that they can enhance their performance with this drug or that supplement. Some of it may be ok but most scare me to death. Oh for the good old days when kids just wanted to have fun.

  • Bob

    Did he cheat or not