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Swimmers Blast Back From The Past

February 14th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Swimming

What is with all the Australian swimmers coming back from retirement? First it was butterfly swimmer Geoff Huegill, who made a successful comeback to the Commonwealth Games, including shedding a huge amount of post-competitive weight, then announced he would continue until the 2012 London Olympics. More recently, Ian Thorpe told us he has been secretly training for three months, losing a bit of weight too no doubt and is back on track for the Olympics too. Not to be left behind, ex-teammate Michael Klim has also announced he is coming back from retirement. Can’t these guys make up their mind? I always thought that retirement is just that, let yourself go and enjoy just being a spectator. Of course the desire to be out there competing may still be there, but usually the body has made the decision for you. Come on, move over and let the next batch of swimmers do their thing. They are not going to be satisfied with anything less than what they achieved in their previous career, and they are only setting themselves up for embarrassment. Well at least that will be entertaining.

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  • Tim Jones

    Good points Rob – I reckon leave it to the current swimmers – it makes me wonder what money is available – is that the reason they get back into it? Not sure why Huegill and Klim want to go to the olympics, they weren’t good enough in their peak so I doubt they’ll do much good (maybe they’re aiming for the relays). Thorpie may make it, but I reckon he’ll struggle against Phelps – but at least it brings media attention back to mens’ swimming which has been missing for the last few years.