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We Just Want To See A Snow Leopard

February 28th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Olympic Games, Winter

Did you hear about Ghana’s first ever participant at the Winter Olympics, Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong (nicknamed the ‘Snow Leopard’)? He competed in the men’s alpine skiing slalom event, finishing in 47th (2nd last) place. I did, but I did not hear about who won. It is another reminder of why I don’t get too excited about the Winter Olympics. The media think that it is more important to fill up their coverage time with human interest stories rather than the sporting results. As a sporting fan I watch sport to see the action, the competitiveness and the champions. At each Olympics the same thing seems to happen – the media outlets focus their telecast towards the common man, non sports fan, who are more interested in gossip and drama.

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  • Tim

    Totally agree – I reckon the the Olympics (both summer and winter) should have qualifying times for all events so we only see the best competing. I remember the swimming had some African dude compete in a time slower than what I could do now – media loved it but it’s of no interest to sports fans.

  • Bob Thebuilder

    For the air force academy admissions test, I have to do the shuttle run between 7.8 seconds and 8.9 seconds. How do I train for this event?