Norwegian Olympic Sport Centre

Norwegian Olympic Sport Centre located in Oslo, Norway was founded in 1985. It works under Norwegian Olympic & Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports. As the name implies it was particularly established for athletes training participating in Olympics. It was subscribed to Association of Sport Performance Centre in 2009.

Norwegian Olympic Sport Centre provides wide ranging sports training and educational as well as health facilities. All Norway based national sports teams are allowed to do their training and testing herein. Sports facilities like endurance testing, stretching and strength training are also provided in the centre. The best thing about centre is that it is surrounded by National forest having good tracks fulfilling the purpose of running and skiing training.

Educational facilities are also available for athletes; either they want to study inside the centre or by going out to any institution. The most nearer university is just ten minutes away. Residence is also provided to athletes who asked for. Not only this, the athletes from other countries can also get trained in Norwegian Olympic Sport Centre under affordable fee structure.

All practical help offered by Norwegian Olympic Sport Centre is to assist and train Norwegian teams to play outstandingly in Olympic sports.

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