List of Winter Olympic Sports

This page is about the Winter Olympics. Go here for the list of summer Olympic Games sports.

Winter Olympic Sports for 2018

The 15 sports of the Winter Olympics are categorized into three main categories: (1) ice sports, (2) alpine, skiing and snowboarding events, and (3) Nordic events. In each of these sports categories there are more specific events as listed.

Ice Sports

winter olympics snowboardingAlpine, Skiing and Snowboarding Events

Nordic Events

Ski JumpingDiscontinued Sports and Events

Here are just some of the sports or events that were once part of the Winter Olympics. See more on discontinued Winter Olympic Sports.

Demonstration sports

The following sports have been part of the Winter Olympic program as a demonstration sport at some stage. See more on Demonstration Winter Olympic Sports.

Future Sports

There are always a number of sports or events that are lobbying to be included on the Winter Olympic Games program. Such sports include: Team alpine skiing, Ski mountaineering, Ski-orienteering, Winter triathlon (involving running, mountain biking and cross-country skiing all on snow), and Bandy.

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