Paralympic Games Sports

Athletes compete in up to 22 Sports at the Summer Paralympics and 6 Winter Paralympic sports, as listed below. Within many of the sports are several disciplines or events. The number and kinds of events has changed from one Paralympic Games to another.

Winter Sports

There are currently six Winter Paralympic sports, with 80 events in total. Snowboarding has been expanded into a separate discipline for 2018, with 10 medal events. In 2014, two medal events in snowboarding were held within the alpine skiing programme.

Current list of winter paralympic sports (as for PyeongChang 2018)

Other Winter Paralympic Sports

Summer Sports

Rowing was added to the program in 2008. The 2012 Paralympic Games program included 20 sports and 21 disciplines. Canoe and triathlon made their debuts at Rio 2016. Badminton and taekwondo are set to make their Paralympic debuts at the 2020 Games. WHEEL CHAIR IMAGE

Goalball, Sitting Volleyball, and Wheelchair Basketball have men's and women's events, Wheelchair Rugby is a mixed event, while the football event is only open to male competitors.

Current list of summer paralympic sports (as for Rio 2016)

  1. Archery (since 1960)
  2. Athletics (since 1960)
  3. Boccia (since 1984)
  4. Cycling: Track and Road cycling (since 1984)
  5. Equestrian (since 1996)
  6. Football 5-a-Side (since 2004) - for vision imparied
  7. Football 7-a-Side (1984-2016) - for athletes with cerebral palsy
  8. Goalball (since 1980)
  9. Judo (since 1988)
  10. Paracanoe (from 2016)
  11. Paratriathlon (from 2016)
  12. Powerlifting (since 1984)
  13. Rowing (since 2008)
  14. Sailing (2000-2016)
  15. Shooting (since 1976)
  16. Sitting Volleyball (since 1976)
  17. Swimming (since 1960)
  18. Table tennis (since 1960)
  19. Wheelchair Basketball (since 1960)
  20. Wheelchair Fencing (since 1960)
  21. Wheelchair Rugby (since 2000)
  22. Wheelchair Tennis (since 1992)

Discontinued Summer Paralympic Sports

To be added for 2020

To be removed for 2020

Sports Looking to be included in future Paralympics

Eight sports have applied for inclusion on the programme for the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

Three sport disciplines from sporting federations with sports which already feature on the Paralympic program have also put forward applications for new disciplines.

Other sports which have been considered for the Paralympics at other times


In 2010, para-badminton, intellectually impaired basketball, para-golf, powerchair football and para-taekwondo all applied to be part of the Rio 2016 Paralympic sports program but were unsuccessful. The successful sports were para-canoe and para-triathlon.

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