ParaSports at the Commonwealth Games

The 2014 Glasgow 2014 program saw an increase in the number of parasport events that were held as part of the able bodied program. Unlike with the Paralympics, in which a separate para-sport program is held following the Olympic Games, at the Commonwealth Games the parasport events have been included alongside the other sports on the program, and that is the way it appears it will stay.

In 2014, there was a total of 22 medal events for Para-athletes across five sports - athletics, swimming, powerlifting, lawn bowls and track cycling.

Over time more and more events have been added to the program. Paralympic events were included for the first time at Manchester 2002, when athletes from 20 countries competed in 10 events in athletics, lawn bowls, swimming, table tennis and weight lifting. In Melbourne 4 years later, 189 athletes from 25 nations competed in 12 events in four sports (powerlifting held for the first time). In 2010 in Delhi 15 events were held.

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