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Topend Sports - the Ultimate Sport & Science Resource

Topend Sports is all about the top end of sports. If you are a top sports person or professional who works with athletes, or want to be, TopendSports.com provides a wide range of information about sports, science, fitness and nutrition, plus much more.

This is the ultimate sport and science resource. Browse the sections below to explore this sporting world.

The most popular section is Fitness Testing. If that is not what you are looking for, you can search for exactly what you are after.


Sport - links to some comprehensive information on a range of sports.

Fitness Testing - comprehensive information on fitness testing for athletes.

Fitness Training - link to some great fitness and training information.

Sports Nutrition - all you need to know about Sport Nutrition - a wealth of information about eating right for sports and activities.

Weight Loss - eating and exercise guidelines for losing weight.

Healthy Nutrition - eating well for your health.

SCIENCE Cut out to be an athlete EVENTS

Sports Medicine - medical advice for keeping fit and healthy.

Sports Biomechanics - the science of movement for sports

Sports Psychology - the mind key to sporting success

Major Sporting Events - portal to info on the great major events from around the world.

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